Apologise skaftafell landmannalaugar

The picture of apologise skaftafell landmannalaugar and stoniest place ive with mini crater dont Landmannalaugar is a tiny oasis in the middle of nowhere. Theres a tiny but very popular campsite squashed in between a gravel glacial floodplain and millennium-old lava field. A hot spring spouts from beneath the lava and meets a cold spring, creating a wonderful hot pool. Ive swum in it in winter, when the campsite and indeed, the... Read More

Valet kid glances horror

The picture of valet kid glances horror and king bed room with bed time check Uh yeah we did it! Hello, were moms, its what we do: we plan things and then we get things done. Doi.

We planned a stay at the Magnolia in downtown Big O. We picked the Magnolia because yes, they have happy hour in the bar for its guests each night, but more importantly, they have bedtime cookies and milk from 8p _ 10p. How cool is that? It is... Read More

A Loose Collection of Data

The picture of life friday april and distinction selves terms with addiction building business Ramblings about living in Australia and other stuff. Really just an efficient way to update family+friends on what’s going on in my life.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Wait, still not ready for ramblings, I have to finish my current Scrabulous game with my... Read More

Post EVO Thoughts, My First Comic

WARNING:Alright, this is going to be a long, and (mostly) boring entry. I will separate it into the three sections as the title describes, and you can read what you want. Unfortunately, I dont take a lot of pictures, but I will try to throw in one or two here and there to keep you from falling asleep!

Alright. Are you ready? Lets go!

Post EVO 2016 Thoughts

Another EVO has come and gone. This was my second EVO, and I must say that it lived up to and exceeded my fond... Read More

Satchel, Steel Panther (Aug 2012)

The picture of powerstation auckland couldve and gig dale hows with residencies house blues I spoke to Satchel from Steel Panther in August of 2016 ahead of their NZ show at the Powerstation in Auckland. Couldve spoken to him for hours, he was hilarious and quick of the mark. Quotes from this interview of mine featured in a local tabloid newspaper about the gig.

Dale: Hows it going?

Satchel: Oh man, its going... Read More

Life experience seeker

The picture of life experience seeker and age isn everything with form day day Wait.. Apart from Konichiwa.. (Thats hello right?) I was about to google it but I feel like Im correct. So where do I start!

In a capsule hotel in the middle of Tokyo thats where!

Capsules are one of those things that are quite specific to this part of the world. Theyre an experience that, albeit the fact it resembles a coffin, its a... Read More