Residing In A Resort Look At This Very first!

The picture of value comparison shopping and money numbers case with groomer doggy child care Does your face spin at the thought of determing the best accommodation in which to stay for the holiday? With regards to accommodations, there are many choices, which can make deciding on the best one coco palms difficult. Dont worry. You will certainly be given recommendations on picking a fantastic resort at the wonderful Read More

Denise Esser s Tales of Travel Blog Archive Thinly Disguised Backpacker

The picture of minute work obligations and thanks hotel points with budget kid theres need Im in Costa Rica and it feels great to travel again. I know its a short stint and its a destination wedding, but for just a couple days here I can pretend to be a backpacker again, living life like I did in late 2009. In some odd sappy bout ofsentimentality, I feel like Im doing... Read More

Regan Reese Archive

I flew out there to shoot for Bang Bros. ! Im sure most of you have been to their websites, they have alot. About two years ago i shot for the for the first time. It was for the sites Tug Jobs and Big Mouths Full.

The picture of sites tug jobs and thursdayand shot friday with killer blow job. So i flew out on Thursdayand shot on Friday. It was a b/g scene with the cutest talent ive worked with in a long time!!! His name... Read More

The Chronic Curmudgeon HELLO FROM THE LEFT COAST

The picture of Fiction and Comics with Damian Wayne Greetings, kids. We have a little bit of down time this afternoon, so Dave suggested that I let you know how the trip’s going.

Actually, you’re in for a treat, because I have a co-author today. My buddy Damian is here helping me co-write. Damian’s a reporter — you know, one of those real writers who didn’t sell out to some corporate... Read More

Denise Esser s Tales of Travel Blog Archive Discoveries in Spain Anonymity and Missing Bank Cards

Within one hour of being in Madrid, I heave an unexpected sigh of relief. Bathrooms with running water and toilet paper! Smooth roads! Mandatory street lights! Europe is suddenly so normal to me, and it feels great.

I navigate the subway system to my hostel, watching the locals along the way. I cant help but notice the European fashion and I feel dowdy in my staple black hoodie, backpacks and now mens sneakers. For a few fleeting seconds, I miss my Read More

Saltwater Kisses A Billionaire Love Story by Krista Lakes

The picture of saltwater kisses krista lakes and town girl emma larue with time fall love Saltwater Kisses by Krista Lakes is another book I read in 2016 but am just now reviewing. I always keep all my book thoughts in a notebook so Im working my way through my old ones before I throw out my last full book.

Overall Rating: 2 Stars:

I wasted HOW many hours reading this crap?

When small-town girl Emma LaRue... Read More