Denise Esser s Tales of Travel Blog Archive Hello Peru, Good bye John

I am always amazed at times ferocious and yet consistent appetite. It sounds cliche, but it really does feel like it was only yesterday when John and I were half asleep in the cab from the Buenos Aires airport when I exclaimed, My netbook! I left it on the plane!

I knew the day would come when John would go back to Canada and I would continue my journey alone. I know I am a strong person, but the thought of travelling alone has always scared me. Today was the day. That afternoon he... Read More

Mission Mother s Day 2006

The picture of mothers day roadtrip and words george mission with pals doctor houston Well, were back from our Mothers Day Roadtrip, and in the words of George W, Mission Accomplished. Except the difference is, I actually had a tangible mission and it really was accomplished. Thats all Im sayin.

We started off our 16_hour roadtrip with a little barf incident about an hour into the trip. Just 15 more hours of this to go.... Read More