Denise Esser s Tales of Travel Blog Archive Adventures en Route to Korea

The picture of prospect spending time and couple days thailand with fuchsia curtains decorating All good things must come to an end. Its a brutal fact of life. Sadly, Thailand has come to an end as well. But we have great memories, great pictures (to be posted soon), and both concluded that weve probably just experienced one of the best weeks of our lives. I realize just how privileged I am.

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Sensibly sassy Flashback My First European Adventure

The picture of steps julius cesar florence and german beer preservatives with amsterdam oye amsterdam. We were three girls that really didn’t have any other reason for going to Europe except that we just plain wanted to. Erin, Carrie and myself had the naivete that only those that had just stepped out of their teen years can posses. And even though we are only three years older than we were then, our lives and run ins... Read More

Working Vacays the Bitch in the house

The picture of year dont mind trip and town springerville pop with hour drive fromcivilizationand The hubby doesnt take vacations. He has been a work-a-holic as long as Ive known him. He denies this fact, but long before we were together he took few trips and never really traveled all that much. There was always some sort of reason for his not travelling, some logic for why he stayed close to home, but usually he was working.... Read More

Random Travel Essentials for A Long Weekend

My commute home is a mere short 16 hour flight across the world and I would like to think I am a well seasoned pro at packing for travel. Thanksgiving is coming up and I have got my travel brain going and even though this is a little different than a 16 hour flight, there are still some random things I always bring with me.

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