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Traveling may be a chance for you to refill and recharge your energy. it is quite understandable if you want to experience something different with more freedom at hands after your daily routines have been filled with schedules, meetings, and work. However, if you dont plan ahead and you arent careful, your traveling experience can turn into a nightmare. You may end up in seedy hotels, meeting the wrong people, and get scammed along the way. If you dont want to experience such thing, then... Read More

2008 Hospitality Insight

The picture of arab emirates uae and nestl library home page with emirates towers youre Nestl Library staff member Vanessa Ng recently visited the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and wrote an account of visiting the opulent Emirates Towers. The article below originally appeared as a Spotlight on the Nestl Library home page.

When you enter the Emirates Towers, youre greeted with a cold glass of lemonade... Read More

Minute drive mactans

Nestled right at the heart of the evolving investment center of Cebu, Days Hotel Mactan Cebu relishes the easy access of the two-minute drive to Mactans new International Airport and the benefits of the one largest instrument of the development for the famed island, the Mactan Export Processing Zone. It is merely a 30-minute drive to the downtown area of Cebu, the big shopping centers as well as the financial district while most of the... Read More

Beautys city indonesia

The picture of beautys city indonesia and woods rice fields with tradition barrier precincts Suffering beautys city Indonesia offers regal perspective of superior seas with back-drops of eight special hills to you. Situated inside fires band, its the liveliest area in the world.

Bali exists within Indonesias center. Its a cosmos of sky high volcanoes, amazing... Read More

A Romantic and Adventurous Getaway in Vietnam

The picture of halong bay cruises and relaxation course honeymoons with backdrop limestone cliffs When planning that perfect romantic getaway with your significant other, fall in love all over again amid the dramatic backdrop of majestic Vietnam.

After you have finally said your I dos, celebrate your new life together by jetting to a foreign land that offers a romantic setting for some rest and relaxation. While... Read More

Degree integral portion

The picture of degree integral portion and gain area unit with crossroads european countries japan. Tourism in port is associate degree integral portion of the port national strategy to regulate the flow of foreign bucks into the Emirate. Besides buying, port has several fantastic historical and up to date locations that guests from everywhere the planet has been appealing.

Out of the seven Emirates of the UAE, port is... Read More