John muir trail

Hiking the John Muir Trail is one of many items on my bucket list. Ive always wanted to hike it from start to finish and experience the High Sierras. Ill briefly cover my preparation for this trip. The first item was the permits. If you are planing like I was, starting on the traditional route from Yosemite Valley at Happy Isles Trail Head and exiting at the Mount Whitney Portal, youll find it particularly difficult to reserve a permit. I heard a permit is required existing the Mount Whitney... Read More

Tuolumne canyon trail

I woke up early morning, roughly around 3am and drove to Tuolumne Meadows, via the 395 to the 120. I made good time, it only took about 5 1/2 hours to get there. I went to the permit office. From a previous trip, a backpacker told me that the Tuolumne Canyon Trail is very scenic. When I went to get the permit, my original route was to go down the Grand Canyon of Tuolumne, head north on the Pleasant Valley Trail and taking the Pacific Crest Trail back to the trail head. The ranger told me I... Read More

San mateo wilderness

My parents, girlfriend and I woke up early in the morning, around 5:00am, and headed to the vineyards of Temecula. Even though it was still dark, the weather was crisp and clear as we drove. Once we arrived at the designated spot, we waited for the other thrill seekers to join us. Then six of us were crammed into a passenger truck (that was only suppose to carry four people) and off we went into the field.

It was interesting to see how they inflated the balloon pre-launch. They laid a... Read More

Family Destinations Around Santa Barbara, CA

The picture of foothills santa barbara and ocean breeze flutters with santa barbara vacation Im on horseback, riding through the foothills of Santa Barbara, CA. The sparkling blue Pacific lies below. The ocean breeze flutters. Our trail guide stops. Thats Brad Pitts house, right over there, he says.

Thats not a dream. (Lets face it: my dream would feature Brad,... Read More

Embarcadero san francisco

Buchanan (1800 Sutter Street from $140), the most recent update from Kimpton Hotels, with 131 minimalist, Japanese-affected rooms near to Off-shore Levels and Japantown.

Its difficult to think that its been 12 years because the century-plus-old Ferry Building reopened like a grand marketplace and European-style food hall, after decades of blight and decay within the shadow from the former Embarcadero Freeway (which flattened using the 1989... Read More

Rick n Pam s 2014 RV Adventures

The picture of feb pams brother and ricks birthday feb with copper mining town bisbee Jan mid April we were camped at Mesa Regal RV Resort in Mesa, AZ where Rick did work kamping to pay for our parking spot and utilities while Pam finished Biblical Counseling homework. We invested in hiking boots, backpacks and walking sticks in order to do some desert/mountain hiking on... Read More