Post day jap

The picture of post day jap and japanese yakuza mafia with japanese people party So as mentioned at the bottom of a previous post Day 1 IM ON JAP TV, I celebrated by Birthday at a club called Origami. Origami is owned and operated by the Japanese Yakuza Mafia. Inside the vibe was good and people were really putting it down (albeit most were doing just an increased more excitable 2 step) it was actually nice to see Japanese... Read More

Love dog friends

The picture of love dog friends and wedding future years with years isnt fun Its crazy to think that there are only going to befour more installments of Moving Monday before my big move! Its definitely starting to get scary and stressful, so I thought Id dedicate todays blog post to how things are going.

First off, moving cross-country is expensive. The cheapest quote we got was... Read More

Satchel, Steel Panther (Aug 2012)

The picture of powerstation auckland couldve and gig dale hows with residencies house blues I spoke to Satchel from Steel Panther in August of 2016 ahead of their NZ show at the Powerstation in Auckland. Couldve spoken to him for hours, he was hilarious and quick of the mark. Quotes from this interview of mine featured in a local tabloid newspaper about the gig.

Dale: Hows it going?

Satchel: Oh man, its going... Read More

vancouver moose ings

I realised today that I had not written a blog in this series for a while and I also realised I would soon have to change the title. That is remove the “(North)” from the title. In a little over a week Leftantler and I will be moving off the North Shore, back to downtown Vancouver. I won’t trouble you with all the reasons behind the move but I will say we are really looking forward to it.

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Life experience seeker

The picture of life experience seeker and age isn everything with form day day Wait.. Apart from Konichiwa.. (Thats hello right?) I was about to google it but I feel like Im correct. So where do I start!

In a capsule hotel in the middle of Tokyo thats where!

Capsules are one of those things that are quite specific to this part of the world. Theyre an experience that, albeit the fact it resembles a coffin, its a... Read More

Duties fellow associates

The picture of duties fellow associates and month time span with basement apartment chicago From what I remember two release dates were set and then passed on. I received word that the label and other parties involved would need a full three months lead time to organize and prep. I had no complaints with this. To rush a release seemed like a silly thing to do. So the waiting began. And now, finally, I wait no longer.

Ive... Read More