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The picture of resort spas offer and others offer services with pezula resort hotel Even though there are so many different spa resorts nowadays, there are some people that still dont know what they are. All resort spas offer more or less the same services, however others offer services that are more different and unique and more than others. Going to resort spas like Pezula Resort Hotel and Spa is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself.

What Are Resort Spas?

So what exactly is a resort spa? Well, firstly it is either called a resort spa or a spa resort, either way it all means the same thing. These places offer individuals services like spa treatment, as well as accommodation and food. They pamper you ensuring that you have a fun, peaceful and relaxing experience. You also get to eat all the foods that you have always wanted to eat and you are given a whole lot more to ensure that you are looked after. There are a whole lot more other benefits in going to a resort spa. You can also take your family with you to this spa. They offer a wide range of activities like golf, kids clubs, swimming, gyms, tennis and more. There are also some resort spas that provide exercise classes. Resort spas are very different; there are those that look modern while others have a more contemporary look. The modern ones are over the top, very big and have the latest trends when it comes to treatments and offers. However, the resort spas that are older are simpler and also usually smaller in size.

Remember that there are many resort spas available that you can choose to go to. There are quite a few resort spas that let you pay for your spa treatments separately instead of including them in your package when you book to come to the resort. Resorts also usually choose which services they will offer. That is why there are resorts that will offer you exercise or yoga classes while others wont. It is for this reason that you know what each resort spa is offering so that you know that you will be getting what you need. Also, very few resort spas offer you these classes for free and they are quite advanced classes too. These resorts also have restaurants which provide spa cuisine. The kinds of foods they offer are rich foods that people like indulging in when on a break or holiday or out to celebrate.

Since they are so popular, they are now found in most hotels and resorts. So do your research and find the spa that is right for you. This way you will have a relaxing and enjoyable experience and will get everything you are looking for.

When you are in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, you will not want to miss a trip to the Rorkes Drift Battlefields area. This area is situated on the outer edge of the rocky part of magnificent Zululand, and provides guests the opportunity to learn about this tranquil region that was once a raging battlefield of the Anglo-Zulu war days. Today, hordes of tourists gather here for a peaceful experience to relive the past.

Stay in a game reserve near the battlefields

Although Kwazulu-Natal is famous for its luxurious hotels and its abundant Midlands accommodation, to experience the battlefields at its best, you might want to choose from a variety of magnificent game reserves that lie near these fields. You will be able to let the battlefields come alive as you allow guides to take you to the battlefields and bring history alive to you as you listen to his exciting stories of those bygone days. A couple of South Africas best reserves lie virtually at the foot of the rugged Spioenkop Mountains, and the dam that also lies at the foot of the mountains was the site of one of the most bloody battles to ensue during the Anglo-Boer War. Here, on these very grounds was an attempt made to lift the Siege of Ladysmith. A couple of these magnificent nature reserves not only bring history alive, but when it comes to nature at its very best, you need not look too much further. Hectares and hectares of magnificent thorn savannah is to be seen which contrasts magnificently with the serene water of the dam.

Wildlife and water sports added attractions

Apart from tourists loving to live the battlefield experiences, there game reserves also make popular weekend water sport destination, whilst also offering a serene game reserve environment for animal lovers who will get to see white rhino, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest and a variety of antelope. It is also a bird lovers paradise. You will find picnic sites littered along the shorelines around the dam with exciting walking trails.

The battlefield site can be reached by road, and the 360 degree views from the summit of Spioenkop Mountain are breathtaking. A lot of the nature reserves and lodges in this area will offer guided tours of the Anglo-Zulu battlefields. You will receive thorough and highly informative accounts of the battles of Rorkes Drift, with a comprehensive and colourful account into the history of the area. Presented alongside the military narrative, a complete picture of the impact of the Anglo-Zulu campaign on the Zulu as well as the British nation is formed.

When in some of the lodges or nature reserves, you will be provided with an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the Zulu culture and traditions as they remain in Zululand today. A Zulu boma dinner will start as the sun starts to set, and guests will be taken down a narrow path through the bush to the hypnotic beat of traditional Zulu drumming. As you come out into a clearing in one of the historical Zulu village, or umuzi in the Zulu language, the dancing bodies of Zulu children will provide a delightful and insightful cultural experience. The traditional dances as well as the roles they played in Zulu history and culture are explained during the captivating displays.

Feel like a star in the best of Midlands accommodation

In South Africa, the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa evaluates all the magnificent accommodation establishments which apply for grading, and they get graded with one or five stars according to the type of accommodation provided, be it a hotel, a lodge, a bed and breakfasts, self-catering, caravan parks as well, and when it comes to accommodation in the Midlands, you will never be disappointed.

Victoria Falls is just about twice the height of Niagara Falls and it spans more than one mile wide. This magnificent waterfall is one of the bestvacationdestinations in Africa. If you are planning a holiday at the Victoria Falls then you should plan well in advance. Factors that should be taken into account include Victoria Falls accommodation, flights, passports, vaccines and the daily itinerary.

Discover the heart of Africa withSerengeti National Park Safarisfrom Wild Frontiers.

Accommodation And Flights

The accommodation that you do decide on would depend largely on what budget you have available to you. You are able to find budget accommodation as well as luxury accommodation at Victoria Falls and you should book well in advance to avoid disappointment. Many guest houses also offer discounts to those who book their rooms well in advance so it is definitely worth looking into.

Explore the Cradle of Humankind accommodation from Engedi, the oasis of the cradle.

While most people opt to fly to Victoria, there are other options available. A beautiful scenic train ride is available from Gauteng to Victoria Falls and can form part of a wonderfully leisurely journey to the falls. Remember to check what the passport and/ or VISA requirements are for your country when you are planning your holiday at Victoria Falls.

Other Details To Consider Before Your Trip

Vaccines and your health on your trip is of utmost importance when doing any sort of travelling. There are no compulsory vaccinations required to enter the region of Zambia or Zimbabwe but a few routine vaccines couldnt do you any harm. A travel clinic will often recommend that travellers have the influenza, MMR, DPT, polio and chickenpox vaccines done. You should also start taking a good probiotic when travelling to ensure that you gut stays healthy when consuming foreign foods.

It is usually recommended that travellers bring a raincoat or poncho along with them when visiting Victoria Falls. This is due to the fact that you may get very wet from the spray from the Falls. You neednt worry if you forget these though because they are available locally. Also, wearing clothes that dry fairly quickly is a good idea just in case your clothes do get wet.

The weather in the area is extremely tropical and hot. The sun can get quite harsh and many of the activities on offer happen outdoors. This is why it is recommended that you bring a long a good hat and sunscreen. These will protect your skin and help to prevent sun burn. Remember, the heat can cause you to dehydrate very quickly so it may be wise to keep some bottled water with you at all times. This is especially the case if you will be partaking in activities such as bushwalks and nature hikes in the area.

Victoria Falls truly is one of the most breath taking places to see and you should make sure that you have a good camera along with you. Also, bring lots of film or if you use a digital camera. Bring a few extra memory sticks or an external hard drive.

The success of the Serengeti National Park safaris are usually measured by the number of animals one has seen along the way. Were not talking zebra and various antelope, but the big five, the spectacular lion kill, a baby giraffe, something that makes you feel you have witnessed something truly special.

If youre looking forMidlands accommodation, visit Granny Mouse, the most charming country hotel in the Midlands.

Maximize your wildlife viewing success

It is very important to choose the right season. The dry season is the most optimal season to see animals. The water holes attract a large concentration and a wide variety of animals. This makes it easy for one to view wildlife because the game park has small shelters, which overlook the watering holes, or you can simply take a slow drive by. The dry season also means the vegetation has thinned out making it possible to see beyond the road, to easily spot the wildlife. You would be amazed at how well camouflaged even a large group of elephants can become, when the vegetation is nice and lush after some good rains.

In East Africa the dry seasons are from January through March and July through October. In Southern Africa the dry season runs from May through October. If you are interested in the annual migration of wildebeest and zebra then you also need to time your trip with the weather in mind. In the Masai Mara they usually arrive between August and September, stay through October and head back over to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, between December and January.

Be on the spot for a great spot

Choose the right time of day, the best time to spot game is at dawn and dusk. At midday the sun is hot and most animals prefer to siesta under the shade of a tree, usually far from the roads vehicles are driving on.

Know where to look

Look up in the trees if you want to spot a leopard, look in rivers if you want to see crocodiles, especially in patches of reeds. Also keep watch for steaming dung heaps to give you a good indication, of how close you might be to an elephant. Take a wildlife distribution map with you so you know what you are looking for at various points in the park. Do not forget to take binoculars along, because African game parks are often mush bigger, than the average park in most countries and the animals are wearing camouflage.

Special deals on some Serengeti National Park safaris and tours are out there, the limitation is acquiring an inexpensive flight to Africa. Some of the top African tour agents, offer deals on budget and luxury safari tours, adventure tours and more.

If you are looking for a tranquil place to escape and get away from it all, Cradle of Humankind accommodation have beautiful guest homes, lodges, self catering chalets, bed and breakfasts, caravan parks and hotels that are waiting to welcome both local and foreign visitors with warm hospitality and fantastic facilities that will help you unwind and rejuvenate. You will find hotel accommodation right within the World Heritage Site The Cradle of Humankind, and these hotels offer conference facilities as well as being beautiful wedding venues.

Always wanted to go to Vic Falls? Get great rates onVictoria Falls accommodation.

The area is of universal value because of its palaeo-anthropological sites which have provided evidence of the origins of modern humans,and this is where the name Cradle of Humankind comes from.

Protecting Places of Value

World heritage Sites are those areas that have outstanding natural or cultural value and which need to be protected. Protection takes place as a result of being inscribed in the World Heritage List. Once a site has been inscribed in the world heritage list it receives national and international recognition and is safeguarded for future generations. There are a number of heritage sites in South Africa of which The Cradle of Humankind which has as its famous landmark the Sterkfontein Caves, is one. In fact there are over 200 caves to be explored as well as many tours to places of interest in this amazing area.

Discover the Heart of the Area

There are so many amazing experiences to be had in this exquisite area. With all it offers there is no doubt that you will have a fantastic time travelling in the area under the shadow of the Magaliesberg Mountains. If you are tired of dragging your kids around with you there are plenty of small and intimate getaways tucked away in the mountains or the forest to replenish and refresh yourselves. If you wouldnt dream of leaving your kids behind, there are plenty of activities to keep families busy and you can hike through the mountains, enjoy the spectacular scenery or take a microlight flight the bottom line is that there is something for everyone.

Budget Backpackers to Five Star

Most of the accommodation has beautiful garden- or bush settings. The more upmarket self catering units come fully equipped with every modern convenience you could wish for. Guest houses have quality furnishings and dcor, and breakfast is available though it may not be included in the room rate. They offer additional facilities like communication and entertainment media, DVD players and satellite TV. There are also holiday homes available that are rented to individuals or families. For students on a shoestring budget basic accommodation in the form of overnight accommodation or backpackers accommodation is offered with no meals though and mostly sharing a communal bathroom.

You can quickly find accommodation close to the Cradle of Humankind by going online and using quick search to find accommodation. You can also check availability of rooms for the time period you want.

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