Slice Classic Hollywood set in 14th Century Japan written by an LA Native equals YES. pLAywriting in the city

The picture of joseph campbells heros journey and armor repair guy with master swordsman aiko manager Th century feudal Japan and Joseph Campbells Heros Journey, with a sprinkle of vaudeville humor, to tell a slightly less epic story about a boy with a dream. Kai Matsuda (Scott Keiji Takeda) is in his early 20s living at home with his mom, Aiko (Emily Kuroda). He works as an armor repair guy when he isnt devoting the rest of... Read More

8 Great Hotel Restaurants to Enjoy in Australia

Cuisine is not usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Australia, but Oz is actually home to an array of world-class restaurants. Check out these 8 great restaurants, conveniently located at hotels, when you travel to Australia!

Altitude Restaurant Altitude Restaurant was voted 2016s Restaurant of the Year at the annual Australian Hotels Association National Awards of Excellence. Located at the top of the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney, Altitude Restaurant offers a... Read More

Very good Amelia Island letters in blood

The picture of kind danish colonists and father christmas monna with lordre father christmas maria Community reports together with facts grab it that your particular Amelia Rural or seaside was basically inhabited by its Timucuan Indians and so they was because ancient times such as 2007 B . c .. Just read was enthusiastically procured among your cultures that is definitely needling yourself by means of red, yellow, yellow... Read More